Nobody Knows You

"A few years ago, I ran a large sales team in the Netherlands. One of the sales guys on my team was the type that comes across as extremely confident. He had an answer to everything and was vocal on his opinions, manipulating an entire meeting so it looked like he was the one to control it all. Turned out he didn’t: at the end of the day, his numbers weren’t quite on a par with his image. He taught me a valuable lesson: the ones who shout the loudest aren’t always the ones who are right.

So when you see a video, read a book or see someone on stage, look beyond the pose. Know that them being out there, looking confident, is a question of mastering certain techniques. Learn the techniques. Leverage them. And apply them to grow your own business.

It’s not about the loudest voice

This book was not written to tell you how to become a guru in seven simple steps. I’ve met tons of gurus and only rarely have I been impressed with their unique knowledge. I have, however, been impressed with the methods and systems they use to spread their message and reach millions of people. And that, much like looking confident on stage, is something you can learn. It is a technique, that is all.

These pages aren’t about pursuing fame. They’re about building a strong personal brand, one that you can apply to what you want to do, be it running a business or running for president. Because if you want to build or grow any type of business, you will need to make sure your potential customers know about you. And you do that by helping them reach their goals, which in turn you achieve by sharing your knowledge, or your team’s. In the end, it’s the one who creates value for his customers that wins.

So if you want to scale your business, you’ll have to leverage your expertise. And your expertise is made of the stuff you’re interested in. It’s what matters to you. It’s what you care about. It’s what you’re passionate about. In short: it’s you. So why wonder who it is you want to be? Since it’s your knowledge that will be the basis of your personal brand, who else can you be but you?"

→ fragment uit Nobody Knows You, een boek geschreven voor en met Michael Humblet en uitgegeven bij Die Keure